Parking guide to Freo

Parking guide to Freo


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Here at fSpace, we aim to make our members and guests as happy and productive as possible.

With over 5,000 car park spots hiding in and around town, Fremantle has plenty of affordable parking. To make the navigation easier, we thought we’d map some out to help you always locate a place to leave your car at an affordable price.

Fremantle has many larger car parks equipped with security, surveillance and other cars to keep yours company while you’re at work.

fSpacers love parking at Point Street car park. There’s always space in this multi-level covered carpark and your car will be nice and cool at the end of the day too. There’s a flat fee at any time you come in and out of $8 and they are open from 7am to 7.30pm each day.

Our great all day parking spots we recommend are:

  1. *Point Street Parkade:* Covered parking, all day rate $8 or $2.00 per hour
  2. Coles/Woolworths Parkade: Covered parking, all day rate $9 or $2.00 per hour (First hour free!)
  3. Victoria Quay (D, B, C and E-Shed): Uncovered parking All day rate $7 and 3 hour max $2 per hour Fri-Sun at E-Shed.
  4. Queensgate: Covered parking All day rate $8.80 (early bird before 10am) $1.50 per hour,(142.50\month).
  5. The Round House: Uncovered parking (limited bays) All day rate $8.90.
  6. Collie Street: Covered parking All day rate $8 (early bird before 10am) $3.50 per hour.
  7. Queen Street: Uncovered parking All day rate $12 (early bird before 10am) $8 per hour.

If your opting for a quick stop-off, pop-in visit to town or to drop something off at fSpace, there is free parking in Freo. You will find 15 min drop off zones and other 30 min bays scattered throughout the many side streets in and around our office space on Market Street.

  • Coles/Woolworths Parkade 1 hour (first hour free)
  • Market Street 15 minute drop off zone in front of the Post Office.
  • High Street (west of Market Street).
  • Adelaide Street (between Parry and Queen Street) for 30 mins.
  • Fremantle street parking is free from 1 am to 9 am

**Fremantle has affordable street parking options:

  • Markets Carpark: (End of Parry Street) $1.70 per hour (no all day rate).
  • Short, Leake, High, Cantonment Street, Elder Place, Phillimore Street: $2.70 per hour.
  • Market Street: 2 hour max $2 per half hour.


In Fremantle you can park all day in a covered parkade for less than 3 hours in Perth!

Other Australian City Rates:

Brisbane: $27.94 per hour.**
Sydney:** $26.72 per hour.
Melbourne: $17.08 per hour.
Perth: $4.68 per hour.
Adelaide: $4.17 per hour.
Canberra: $2.84 per hour.
Hobart: $0.50 per hour (almost 60 times cheaper than Brisbane).

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Sabine Albers